Mega Bloks

Allowing children to discover worlds beyond their imaginations...

Mega Bloks give children the chance to express themselves creatively and learn valuable life-skills such as problem solving and visualisation.

The unique shape of Mega Bloks appeals to children from one year onwards. Mega Bloks come in 3 basic sizes; the largest is designed for younger children, which allows easy building and breaking apart. As children develop, the size of MegaBloks becomes smaller and models become more complex, helping them to develop their basic motor skills.

There is a huge range of MegaBloks sets available for children of all ages to enjoy, including:

  • Towers
  • Buses
  • Animals
  • Ships
  • People
  • Trees
  • Racing cars
  • Airplanes

Build and Play has a fantastic selection of MegaBloks that cater to all interests and different stages of development. We provide Australian parents with the safest and most beneficial toys from around the world, at the best value for money.

MegaBloks help children to develop "mega minds"

Here at Build and Play, we offer parents an interactive alternative to visual aids such as television and computer games; providing toys that are fun, safe and educational. With Mega Bloks, children use their hands constructively, giving them the tools they need to develop their imaginations and express themselves creatively.

Mega Bloks allow children to develop these beneficial life-skills, which will assist them as they progress academically and socially through their lives;

  • Social development

    Children will learn to create, play and articulate their experiences with parents, friends and carers.
  • Confidence and Self Esteem

    Children will learn to sit and play independently, improving their confidence in their own creations.
  • Concentration

    By following instructions, children will learn to focus and remain attentive to achieve an end result.
  • Inspires Creativity and Imagination

    There are no limits to what MegaBloks can create, so children will have the creative freedom to build what they want.
  • Team-work

    Sharing is important for all children to learn, especially at a young age. There are enough MegaBloks in each set for children in groups to make their own models or work together to create something special.

Safety is at the core of every product we stock!

MegaBrands, the manufacturer of MegaBloks, has formed a long-term partnership with Intertek, one of the world's leading safety-testing authorities. MegaBloks are designed with strict attention to the quality of production and distribution, ensuring the highest level of safety for children.

Intertek's Risk Analysis team use 20 years worth of research and data from 47 children's hospitals around the world; focusing on the size, shape and consistency of ingested objects along with the outcome, which helped to develop Mega Bloks' sophisticated gauge criteria.

MegaBloks assist with the education of children

MegaBloks aren't just toys; they are educational tools which prepare children for life, and are even used by teachers and tutors to assist with learning and development in a fun and interactive way.

MegaBloks educate children in all academic areas, including:

  • Counting
  • Colours
  • Patterns
  • Reading
  • Construction
  • Design
  • Physics
  • Mechanics

MegaBloks assist through interactive learning, helping children to take an active role in their own development and motivate them to achieve higher academic results.

History of Mega Bloks

Since they were introduced in 1967, MegaBloks have become the world's most popular building toy for infants and young children over the age of one.

MegaBrands is now one of the top 10 toy distributors in the world that has built a reputation for safety and quality among parents everywhere.

Build and Play has one of the largest ranges of MegaBloks in Australia!

Browse through Build and Play's fantastic range of MegaBloks and accessories to find the perfect gift. Build and Play strives to gather the best children's toys to Australian parents and great value for money.