LEGO Ninjago Kendo Cole - 9551

LEGO Ninjago Kendo Cole - 9551

Customize your Spinjitzu battles with Kendo Cole!

Retail Price: $7.99

Our Price: $6.90


Spin your way to victory with Kendo Cole! Show the snakes how a master of Spinjitzu fights! Customize your spinners like never before with Kendo Cole minifigure, shields, chains, lift brick and 3 weapons. Use the 4 battle cards included in the set to influence the outcome.

  • Includes Kendo Cole minifigure
  • Features shields, chains lift brick, 1 golden weapon and 2 regular weapons, character card and 4 battle cards
  • Battle with your friends!
  • Fit the chain for extra damage!
  • Defend yourself with the shields!
  • Power-up your spinners with Ninjago booster packs!
  • Collect all of the Ninjago booster packs for endless Spinjitzu fun!

Product No.: 9551

Pieces: 28

Age: 6-14 years

Availability: Discontinued
Recommended Retail Price: $7.99