LEGO Creator

The possibilities are endless...

LEGO Creator is one of the most popular themes available. Creator sets are designed for children 4 and over, and teach them a valuable set of skills that will apply to all areas of life. All sets create multiple vehicles, structures and animals, so children will be entertained for hours.

Choose from cars, trucks, motorbikes, boats, planes, helicopters, buildings, houses, dragons and dinosaurs. Children will enjoy the freedom to play how they want, by choosing to follow set-instructions to create the pre-designed models, or apply their imaginations to come up with new and exciting designs – the possibilities are endless.

What LEGO Creator sets are available?

Children will never get bored, with the massive range of LEGO Creator sets available from Build and Play. All sets contain the pieces to construct multiple models, so children can build, play, pull-apart and start over. Choose from these fantastic LEGO Creator sets:

  • Off-Road Power – Creates an off-roader, truck with digger or dune buggy
  • Sonic Boom – Build a supersonic jet, dual-propeller plane or high-speed boat
  • Super Speedster – Transforms from a speed-racer to an armoured vehicle or high-speed go-kart
  • Rotor Rescue – Construct a rescue helicopter with moving rotors, bi-plane or high-octane boat
  • Mini Dumper – Build a dump truck, race car or off-roader
  • Mini Helicopter – Build and play with a mini helicopter, sea-plane or tug boat
  • Highway Transport – Construct a 50cm long transport vehicle, a tow truck or huge mobile crane
  • Fire Rescue – The fire truck has a rotating ladder, water cannon and opening roof. It also transforms into a rescue helicopter or off-roader
  • Race Rider – This speedy set transforms into a super sports bike, chopper-style motorcycle or powerful dragster
  • Propeller Power – This sky-pack builds a propeller-powered airplane, a carrier jet or helicopter
  • Street Speeder – Build a sporty street machine, hot rod or speed racer
  • Mini Off-Roader – Change models from an off-road vehicle, tractor or crane
  • Mini Jet – This 3-in-1 high-speed set can make a jet, spaceship or speedboat
  • Cool Convertible – Create a convertible with opening roof and bonnet, or turn it into a truck or mini loader
  • Apple Tree House – This amazing house is full of features, and turns into a tall townhouse or gorgeous summer home
  • Family Home – This classic family house can be rebuilt into a Mediterranean villa or cosy bungalow
  • Beach House – This beach house comes with a BBQ and umbrella, and even turns into a little cafe or towering apartment building
  • Ferocious Creatures – Create a big green croc, a ferocious dinosaur or a deep-sea fish
  • Fiery Legend – Build a flying red dragon with movable limbs, and transform the creature into an oriental dragon or ogre warrior.

What are the benefits of providing LEGO Creator sets for children?

Children benefit in many ways from playing with LEGO. They can choose to build any of the predesigned models, or use their imaginations to create whatever they please. Sets come with enough pieces to build just about anything.

Children will develop a different range of skills, depending on how they play with LEGO and the environment they play in. When children follow instructions, they learn problem solving skills and if they choose to build their own unique creations, they develop creatively. Children can learn to play on their own, improving self-confidence and independence, or work as a team with other children, teaching them social interaction and sharing.

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